Branding WIP and will be added here, logo done.
Alumni Scientiae Bohemicae, an association of young Czech scientists, decided to rebrand to a simpler "Czech Science" which it has already been using as its domain ( and as the author of the old logo, I was tasked to create a new one together with a logo for a scientific journal it publishes that would go hand in hand.

Hexagons directly refer to different scientific fields Czech Science represents (and it is also already used in logo of Chemiklání, another logo I made and a chemistry competition Czech Science organises). Together with the circle, hexagons create a reference to the Czech flag 🇨🇿 in the association's logo. Can you find one more scientific and Czech symbol? It is a linden (Czech national tree) leaf with its typical heart shape that the whole logo symbol forms.

Logo of the journal omits the circle but uses the hexagonical linden tree together with the journal acronym as oftentimes, this symbol is being used without the logotype and "JASB" needs to be easily recognisable.  
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